Brand Intro - Reproduction of Found


Out on our travels we’ve unearthed a real gem from Japan. Some of you will have heard of it before others won’t. Let us introduce Reproduction of Found…

Reproduction of Found was founded in 2016 with the aim of creating footwear that take inspiration from original military training kit. Each pair is hand made within factories that produced original military shoes in Europe. The model name, manufacturing country and age of the original model is printed on the insole of each pair to give you an idea of the history behind each style.

We have just stocked some ace canvas US Navy Military Exercise Trainers which were often worn and favoured by the US Navy’s PT boats and submarine crews in the Pacific during WW2. This model was specifically adopted by the navy due to its light weight, ruggedness and fast drying capacity if soaked by salt water.

Reproduction of Found The Northern Fells Clothing Company Original US Military Exercise Shoe.

Advert in LIFE Magazine dated Apr 24th 1944. Reproduction of Found - The Northern Fells Clothing Company

Reproduction of Found have brilliantly tweaked the shoe with Cordura® canvas. Cordura® is currently adopted by the military due to its strong, versatile and durable properties. It is constructed from a high strength nylon/polyester yarn which is woven and finished to the strict guidelines of Invista (one of the world’s largest integrated producers of polymers and fibres). This results offers brilliant durability and performance properties that sets it apart from typical nylon/polyester fabrics. Above all this Cordura® fabric has an outstanding durability and comfort to the fabric, making it perfect for canvas footwear.
We have just stocked these canvas shoes in Olive, Black and Natural colour ways, all with a black rubber wrap and sole. Check them out here.